20 Years Old

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"Yay. I really like doing porn. I never thought I would really like it... But I really like doing porn." Those are the surprised, but excited, words that pass over the sensual lips of todays exploitee Callie Jacobs to begin her post shoot confessional. Oh boy this little bundle of energy is super excited to be here and so are we. If there was an enthusiasm award, Callie would get it. This scene is actually Callies second sex on camera because we ambushed her the day before at BlackAmbush for her first, so look out for that in the coming weeks. But yes, she looked like she enjoyed herself thoroughly both days. And I do me thoroughly enjoyed. So we find out Callie likes sex, and giving foot jobs apparently as Jake got to know our 20 year old newbie. How much does she like sex Steve? Well let me tell you. Callie likes it so much she has it every day, she admits, when she can find it. And the days she cant? She enjoys masturbating on those days!. Alright I have a prediction here. After todays scene youre going to be a much more popular girl around town and on the Tindersphere. But for a girl that loves sex and has it everyday she sure hasnt had much, if any, mind blowing, earth shattering, I see stars and colors swirling around when Im getting fucked, and are having orgasms during great sex sex. In fact, she had her first ever orgasm yesterday from the Hitachi and she-is-hooked Im telling you. "Im going to buy one of those on my way home," she said with her ever-present entire shoot smile that just lit up the room. So where does she find all the dick she fucks you ask? Tindersphere is where. Of course its on the internet, and whoever said the internet is a passing fad a few decades ago sure as hell doesnt have sex anymore and sure as hell doesnt masturbate either. Sex is what the Internet was created for right? Hooking up is the game and Callie plays the game a lot she admits proudly. Shes even fucked a 60 year old and she told us shed do it again because "He really through it down and fucked me good. He really did! And Id do another 60 year old if I could" Good for you Callie, with all this quarantine and social distancing going on, the most vulnerable and forgot segment of our population is the elderly, and they need lovin too. But we do come to find out most of her rendezvous on tinder are not that great. Well, this little weekend trip to Phoenix sure as hell opened up a whole new world for you girl because Jake rocked her world, as he always does with his aggressive and intense cocksmanship. But that was just an encore to Isiahs more passionate cocking the day before making these two pro-cocks the biggest things shes every had shoved up that small twat of hers. Youre welcome girl and we get that her swiping right days are numbered now cuz shell be sticking around the Jizz Bizz more and getting that fine-ass-large-dick from now on. No more average tinder dick for this girl. Nope. Shes gotten a taste of Jakes baby arm of a cock and the sweet taste of Isiahs BBC and she aint never going back. Good for you girl. Her futures only filled with Girl Power lightly sprinkled with magical pixie dust and the futures looking pretty bright Id say. So sit back and enjoy newbie Callie. Jake, Isiah sure as hell did.

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Featuring: Callie Jacobs
Date: October 01nd, 2020
Duration: 01:09:14
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ExploitedCollegeGirls.com/Excogi.com: 20 Years Old (Callie Jacobs), Latinas [SD 432p]